Semblance 1 : The Laughter of Tears

Mom calls dad funny names all the time!
That’s just what couples do, from what I see.
The broken glass shatters, and I hear its chime.
how clumsy could they possibly be?

Sometimes they get a bit carried away
but I think they apologize in the end, right?
It’s never mentioned at the end of the day
Around the dinner table, they never fight.

They never take things too far when I’m near.
Somehow, they manage to laugh it off still.
People say that there comes a moment where
Crying and laughter are indistinguishable.

The truth is, I don’t find it funny at all,
Their jokes are just as terrible as mine.
I can’t bring myself to laugh, yet they still fall.
These tears give me a better punchline.

There’s something unsettling about a rhyme scheme attached to a rather gloomy setting. I lightly explored the contrast between laughter and crying. It is somewhat inspired by a moment where I thought someone was laughing hysterically only to find out that they were actually crying. Weird things like that just stick out in my mind y’know?


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