Happy Birthday Vi!

For Violet, Four Violets

I sit on my porch and spy your namesake;
It’s as pretty as lavender by my feet.
Their dandy bloom, as pansies swoon, in the wind
Their scent- subtle, faint and sweet
wafts delicately, enveloping me in its gentle comfort.
They glow, and like amethyst with its many facets,
each shine in their respective ways.
The sorrowful drooping of the petals I pluck,
with thoughts of my beloved, like daisies.
And during such daydreams, I wander to and fro,
along the cascades, a spectrum of colors
and awaiting patiently, besides streaks of white and blue
Violet violets, they welcome me. With open arms,
I fall gently into the pool of purple petals,
my vision surrounded by the sight of its majesty.
And as the sun set, with haste, I pick as a dear reminder,
to leave by your doorstep with Love; For Violet, four violets.

Be sure to follow my amazing friend, Violet! This poem was inspired by her and written for her birthday. Show her some love! (Also, Happy Valentines Day!)

Twitter: @xvioletv
Twitch: twitch.tv/xvioletv



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