Misc 1: What does God say to me?

If God asked me to do something,
I should probably answer.
His voice resonated from up above
and sent the fear of heaven through me.
If some all encompassing being calls to you;
you answer that call.

He told me to follow my dreams.
“So, I just woke up.”

He told me always do the right thing.
“And I have a bad sense of direction…”

He told me to trust my gut.
“Sorry, I have trust issues.”

He told me to listen to my heart.
“But people are far too loud.”

He told me I could be anything i want.
“I want to be myself.”

He told me to live a full life.
“Yet, I remain empty.”

He told me good things come to those who wait.
“What if I want great things?”

Frustrated at my responses and at my apparent lack of faith,
he gave his final order.
The looming threat of abandonment crossed my mind as he spoke,
a discarded cage and its despondent dove.
He told me to do what I want,
And so…

I stopped listening.

This started out as a writing exercise from about 2 years ago, and I have revised it a little bit recently. The responses themselves might seem bleak, at first, but there is certainly something satisfying about refusing to accept those lifeless platitudes and pave our own path relatively free of outside influences.


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