Semblance 3: Hold Nothing Back

What is in a Promise? A promise to hold Nothing back?
Speak honestly, my dear one. We’ll hold Nothing back.

Your pain is my pain. My tears are very much like yours,
Shed for another’s anguish. We’re holding Nothing back.

The rigors of everyday life separate us, yet we hold in
Our pain to face an apathetic world. Hold. Nothing back.

I write to you, but my words feel as though they float idly by
Like the sun’s rays reaching out, but they hold Nothing back.

Your words return and fulfill me but I can’t help but feel that
You see my words, but cannot hear them. I hold Nothing back.

I imagine your pulse, your vivacity that gives me such hope.
I sense your heartbeat, but via paper; it’s cold. Nothing back.

My hands reach out. Only in dreams, you are there with me.
But like in dreams, I grasp and I hold Nothing. Taken aback.

As the distance between us grows, and our time together fades,
My heart asks for when next we speak, but is told nothing back.

In my ambivalence, remembrance is how I remove any indecision.
To be with my beloved is my promise. Forever, hold Nothing back.

Here is the third main series poem written about the same subject. This one deals with a certain promise; One where you are required to always say what is on your mind. As with most agreements of this nature, this one is not without its difficulties. The relationship progresses from very hopeful to longing to illustrate that many relationships are prone to complacency, but that is not always a bad thing. Coming to terms with this feeling of separation must be key to a balanced relationship, or something, though this would apply most to someone you can’t see in person frequently.

I played around with the phrase “Hold Nothing back” and toyed with different iterations and their multiple meanings. “Hold Nothing back” here refers both to the promise to say what is on your mind, as well as physically having no evidence to speak of in regards to someone’s reciprocated efforts.

The mixture of old and new works keeps things interesting for me. You’d be surprised with how much you learn trying to rewrite anything old into something up to date with my current writing level. The serious series of poems continues for quite a while more so I hope to discover facets of my writing with each step.



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