Sonnet 1: Hope is a Path pt. 1

Enveloped, drowned. Sunken deep into the murky abyss.
The darkness entraps in its depths those who dare gaze
Inward. Light faintly glows, attempting to pierce the haze.
I dare to traverse alone, with careful footfalls in the mist
Impeded only by my will to continue. My doubts, I dismiss
This inward journey did not take long; I remain unfazed.
The event horizon swallows whole what little that stays,
And the end of my path in sight; Onward, I follow my bliss.

The light shines even brighter still, at the edge of oblivion.
Her name is Hope and I remembered at that moment, still,
Her luminescence lit a path Darkness rendered invisible
Faced with the choice, I stumbled down the path-labyrinthian
and followed her new path therein, newfound courage instilled.
I breached my darkness, but it from light, is indistinguishable.

I started writing this and felt like it needed a few more parts, but I thought it was complete enough construction-wise to stand on its own for now. It has a pretty bleak outlook on being consumed with our own inward feelings and how hope can guide. Hope is something that shows us the way, but it is pretty easy to lose when you get it. I’ll be working on this more alongside some other non-poem stuff that I have planned out, which will be coming out at some point.



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