Misc 4: Seasonal Neighbors

Having such a broad range of weather within these four seasons
is like never knowing which eccentric neighbor will come…
knocking at the door-

She gently raps against the door, and upon opening…
In an instant, I’m blinded by her exuberant radiance.
But with her painfully bright exterior is a cold chill
It strips all my heat away, as if she was stealing
all of the warmth from the comfort of my residence.
She is cold and critical, yet, she visits often still.

Her friend is equally bright, but when she arrives alone,
the meeting is far more cordial. Her gentle smile,
It brings a vibrant luscious glow to the greenery.
Her garden comes alive. “My! how the flowers have grown”
She is patient, and cares for nature all the while
Such nurturing tenderness. Considerate, like a mother.

A soft rhythmic tapping at my door sometimes occurs.
It’s times like these that I don’t even answer at all.
If I am prepared, then the visit can be pleasant and enjoyable.
but when she appears when I least expect.
and it quickly becomes a gloomy and miserable ordeal.
But other times it’s abrasive, it’s a horrible racket.

It is even possible to experience these characters all in one day.
One… after the other…
But they are my neighbors, unpredictable as they may be.
It can be, at times, taxing, but at others, relaxing.
But I’m to stay all the same.

Updates are slowing down as of late since I’m doing some larger projects as well as dealing with a whole bunch of other things. This poem is just a small little nod to the weather in New York where you can easily get Spring and Winter all in the same day.

I should hopefully be finished with the short story sometime before the end of March, but I want to make sure it’s totally ready.



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