Semblance 8: Golden Perfection

Rather than try and mess with the way wordpress formats things, I decided to make this poem an image so that the form maintains its integrity across all viewing devices because the shape of the poem is part of the presentation. Due to the nature of the material, this poem is repetitive and at times the sentences aren’t in quite the right order. I basically took a written out paragraph and chopped it up by sentences and arranged them in order of length. The haiku at the center is meant to be read last, but the order doesn’t truly matter, it’s the visual!

With all that technical stuff out of the way, I wrote this poem for my friend who is facing immeasurable hardship. My heart goes out to her. She wished to remain anonymous. When she reads this, I want her to know that I love her with all my heart.  Stay strong. ❤

In Japan there is the mending practice of Kintsugi (literally Gold Joinery), in which broken pottery is repaired using lacquer usually mixed with gold powder. It emphasizes the cracks by making the imperfections stand out. The idea that the bad things in our lives should be forgotten is a flawed idea, and being able to face and embrace our flaws and imperfections will allow us to become stronger in the end. We are not just the cracks and the shattered fragments; we are the whole of those separated pieces, joined together by understanding, courage, strength, experience, and compassion.



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