Promise 1: Shallow Depths

Tell me, that my feelings are shallow
And I wouldn’t deny you that fact,
For my emotions run skin deep,
But not for the fact that at my core
Lies anything superficial, but because
I lack the common decency to deceive everyone
Into believing that things are as peaceful as they seem.

Read it on my expression that refuses to forget:
On my brow and its various contortions and twists,
My lips curved downward: (pursed in shallow dips)
And my eyelids wavering with the sway of regret.

Placidness – is merely the semblance of my fabricated reality
When I invite you into my world, take a look into my eyes, and
Be not afraid of its depths or you and I will drown in its torrent,
Because my shallowness is as deep as my bare flesh, you see.
And the truth is that a single tear dropping in the calm
Is enough to send ripples that bounce, echo, and recall.
Whose amplitude gives way to greater magnitude –
And nature’s violent tidal forces take over.
“I can only hope to be the one to remain.”


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