Tenderly 7: Ask Not

It’s my emotions swerving, I’m drowning in this torrent
Make no mistake, it’s not the rejection that’s unnerving,
Why do I feel that my behavior towards you is abhorrent,
Undeserving of my sentiments that appear to be self serving?

These questions swirl around as my thoughts
They taunt me, the regret it haunts me endlessly
And I want to say that I love you lots and lots
But those are just thoughts of wanting you beside me

Only roused to my feet by a promising situation
When I think of you, I don’t wish to lift a finger
I go numb, the venomous stinger of infatuation
Pierces my heart as my love for you lingers

Even when I know, my heart will be left in tatters
Are you sure this is really how it has to be?
In my mind, this is the only question that matters,
If we can’t just be friendly, then will you love me?

How am I supposed to feel?
What am I expected to do?
How do I know if my love real?
It’s often too good to be true

Do you know what I want? I want you to stay,
I want you to say that it’s going to be okay
Hold my hand, so my hurting will go away
Why, oh why do I have to feel this way?
The more times that I curse it
The worse that it gets
The more I try to ignore it
The harder it is to forget
The more questions I ask
The more I’m going to regret.


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