Misc 4: Seasonal Neighbors

Having such a broad range of weather within these four seasons is like never knowing which eccentric neighbor will come… knocking at the door- She gently raps against the door, and upon opening… In an instant, I’m blinded by her exuberant radiance. But with her painfully bright exterior is a cold chill It strips all […]

Misc 3: Tasteless Flavor

Out of all the flavors you could choose to be, Even when your sense of taste is dulled as such, You just had to go ahead and be so salty. Though you have no taste, I know at least this much, Without shame, you try and whisper your sweet nothings, Even when your sense of […]

Misc 2: Have Patience

…These long lines, I have no patience. The slow steady beeps of the cash register Understaffed, they close the long line. The angry customers┬ámigrate┬ámercurially. They mob the next aisle over, an aimless blob Floating along with the flow, ending up wherever I didn’t want that gallon of milk that badly and yet, I stayed in […]

Happy Birthday Vi!

For Violet, Four Violets I sit on my porch and spy your namesake; It’s as pretty as lavender by my feet. Their dandy bloom, as pansies swoon, in the wind Their scent- subtle, faint and sweet wafts delicately, enveloping me in its gentle comfort. They glow, and like amethyst with its many facets, each shine […]